Mr. Bill Robinson ‘Bojangles’

Youth artists

Osvaldo Casarrubias, Y.O.U.A.H.S., age 18

My group focused on BoJangles a famous musician from the community. He was a legend and was well know in the community.

Bryant Montoya, Alliance College Ready Academy High School #5, age 16

Nylah Scypion-Butler, LACHSA, age 16

I feel like the finished project was more than expected. The collaboration of our group was dynamic from the start. The vibrant colors gave a Los Angeles vibe to the art and the history of our piece is a reflection of the community. I believe that when the banners are officially displayed, we will feel a sense of pride that will reflect on the community.

Lead artist

Jose Lozano was born in Los Angeles and received his MFA from CSUF in 1987. He is a visual artist, writer and educator. He just completed work on the LA Brea/Exposition station, slated to open in April 2012. He has taught art at the university level as well as, at risk youth with the HeArt Project and children in public schools.His children’s book Once Around the Block was published in 2008 by Cinco Puntos Press.

“During the story-gathering phase, many photos were taken, especially at the Rose Garden event. I developed the photos, mainly close portraits and put them side-by-side. The students loved the format so it was decided we try a quilt like design, using different color squares as backgrounds for each portrait. I took several more photos on Vermont and MLK Boulevard to get a more varied group of faces. Learning about the history of the area also gave us so much material for designs. One student was very interested in Bojangles’ life and residence in the area. We’d scrapped the idea for a design, honoring him, but Osvaldo and Devon came up with the idea of him dancing in the clouds and upon their insistence, we developed another design. The roses idea and look came from Devon and the beautiful background pattern. Which unifies the design, came from Nylah.”

banner preview