Past and Present

Youth artist

Christina Scamporrino, University of Southern California

My piece, “Past and Present,” embraces the rich history of this neighborhood and celebrates its important interaction with our daily lives as members of the West Adams community.  Through architecture, the stately Victorian in the banner showcases West Adams’ origins between the 1880s and 1920s.  The modern people walking and cycling in front of the historic building suggest the integration of the old building with present life.  Busy students and hard-working members of the community go about their daily lives amongst this beautiful architecture, often utilizing these cultured buildings as a place to live or learn.  The shared architectural history brings together the varied members of the community, fostering a positive sense of togetherness.  Additionally, the vibrant colors of the banner and the sunburst are meant to embody these positive feelings of community.  In the West Adams neighborhood, to the great benefit of the community, past and present truly coexist.

Lead artist

Stephen Child teaches design at the Roski School of Fine Art at USC. He shows his fine arts work, a combination of painting, drawing, collage and digital imagery as well as freelances as a graphic designer for entertainment, corporate and non-profit clients.

“Even though I generate ideas and mix up processes in the laboratory of art, these ideas tend to flow through me. I merely try to channel the energy. This is a very intuitive process in which I must be open and allow my feelings to have a stake in the matter. I may begin with an idea, but I need to give it room to change and grow and evolve as I’m working.”

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